Welcome to the Medieval Empires! Let's build your Powerful Empire! 

We have changed our sign-up flow and integrated with Immutable Passport. For new players, please use the Create Account option on our website - https://www.medievalempires.com 

 Create account  

  1. Once you click the Create Account button, you will see a pop-up window on your browser.  Immutable Passport pop-up  
  2. Choose an option for sign-up. You can use your Google account, Apple ID or your email address for signing up. 
  3. Once you submit your choice, for example, clicking the arrow to provide an email address. You will then receive a verification code sent by Immutable Passport on behalf of Medieval Empires.  Immutable Passport verification  
  4. Fill in the received verification code in the pop-up.  verification window  
  5. If the verification code is correct, this pop-up window will automatically close and you will be redrected to the Account page on our website.  

Please make sure: 

  • Allow pop-ups on your broswers
  • Don't forget to check your Inbox spam folder.