You can invite players to your to your land by going to the land management window in the game. Click on your avatar to open the 'user settings' popup. 

Click on the 'Manage Lands' button. 

You can manage your counties and send invitations through the following window. 

Another way to invite players to your land is to click on any empty town slot to open the invitation pop-up.

Click Invite Player button and provide the player ID (for existing players) or provide an email address to invite someone new to join the game. Please note that you need to copy the generated invitation text and send it to your friends via email. Medieval Empires cannot send any email without user consent.  Provide the player ID of invitee, or email address for someone new to the game

Generate invitation message for Email address:
 Generate invitation email text  

This is how invitation texts look like:

Hi my dear friend,

Big news! I'm now a landowner in Medieval Empires and I want you to join me in the game! 🏰 Let's build our empires, conquer territories, and kick some virtual butt together! 🌍💪 Are you ready for an epic gaming adventure? Let's do this! 🔥


Follow this link to sign up on Medieval Empires